Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes skin depigmentation on various parts of the skin. It usually happens when the cells that cause skin pigmentation dysfunction. These cells are normally called melanocytes and they die when depigmentation occurs.  Vitiligo is also believed to arise due to autoimmune, oxidative stress or genetic issues. It usually appears in symmetric patches and sometimes spread all over the body. It causes white patches all over the skin and makes your skin look terrible. It can also shatter confidence in people and make it difficult for them to easily socialize in public. Skin is one of the precious parts of the body which is exposed and people work hard to improve it in order to stay confident in public. Vitiligo destroys that confident and makes the skin look patchy. Black people tend to suffer more from this humility because the white patches are more evident on darker skins. It appears in two forms i.e. segmental and non-segmental. In segmental it occurs in irregular patches and in non-segmental there is some symmetry in the shapes of the white patches caused due to this disorder. 

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