Vitiligo Causes

There is one fundamental cause of vitiligo that is common everywhere is the dysfunction of melanocytes – the cells that cause pigmentation in the skin. They are responsible for forming melanin in the body which gives color to the skin. If these cells are missing or are not performing optimally the skin starts getting discolored leading to vitiligo. When these cells fail to produce melanin the problem arises and the skin loses it color. It can occur all over the skin as well as in patches. The patches that form are white in color. Doctors and scientists have different theories to present when it comes to identifying the causes of vitiligo. Some say it’s caused due to autoimmune disorder whereas some believe it is causes due to hereditary reasons. There is no one final verdict on any of these. It runs in families that is what the research tells too. If parents had it there are chances that the kids would have it as well. Some people affected by vitiligo have also mentioned that the vitiligo causes in their case were emotional distress and sunburn. In patients who has previously had Melanoma, also reported pigment loss in their skin later in life which lead to white patches all over their skin. There are no proven vitiligo causes as such but different theories presented by experts. 
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