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What is Vitiligo?

White, irregular patches all over the skin?

It is vitiligo!

You’re here to find out what it is? Here is the right information for you.

It is a skin disorder which is also known as Leucoderma and is usually identified by irregular white patches on the skin. A patient suffering from vitiligo loses skin’s original color and causes major skin discoloration. It is a medical disorder which has more social repercussions than medicinal alone. People with darker skin tones are the most affected individuals as these patches get highly apparent on their skin. People suffering from vitiligo quite often disconnect their social life due to social embarrassment. They stop going to social gatherings which further causes stress and other psychological problems.

What really happens in vitiligo?

What happens in vitiligo is that the skin loses its natural brown color due to melanocytes not producing enough pigment responsible for making the brown color of your skin. It can happen anywhere in any pattern therefore, white and irregular patches on the skin are formed which apparently look like skin itself. Dark colored individuals are more likely to suffer from this disorder.

What Makes Vitiligo Evident? Vitiligo Symptoms

Vitiligo symptoms are quite important to study in order to actually identify what treatment is right to eradicate all or some of these symptoms. Symptoms always make diagnosis easier. Mentioned below are the only evident vitiligo symptoms:

·         White patches on the skin

·         Discoloration

·         Irregular light colored skin like patterns

Vitiligo Causes

The exact vitiligo causes are not known to anyone till date not even the expert dermatologists could identify the real cause of these melanocytes being destroyed and causing skin discoloration resulting in a disorder that has been termed as vitiligo. Doctors and researchers have formulated various theories which lead to the explanation of vitiligo. It has been identified that people with vitiligo accede to a group of three genes that make them disposed to depigmentation. Most researchers believe that vitiligo is an autoimmune disease that’s the reason why depigmentation occurs in which a person's immune system reacts against the body's own organs or tissues. People's bodies produce proteins called cytokines that, in vitiligo, alter their pigment-producing cells and cause these cells to die. Another concept is that sunburn or emotional distress also triggers vitiligo but they are not scientifically backed.

Dosage Instructions

·         Take 6 pills everyday at the fixed time.

·         Take two pills in after Breakfast , two after  lunch and two after dinner time.

·         Try to eat a lot of healthy fruits.

·         You can take these pills with water or milk.

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