What is Psoriasis? Ever heard of the disease Psoriasis? You must have if you are here on this page. It’s ok even if you haven’t; you can do it now! Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition in which silver grey patches start forming on the skin. These patches initially appear red in color due to inflammation underneath the skin. The areas that are most commonly affected by this disorder are elbows, knees, arms, back and stomach. It is believed to be caused due to an autoimmune disorder within the body but it is does not spread or in precise words, not contagious. People who are already suffering from Psoriasis out of those 100% people a quarter also suffers from Psoriatic arthritis which is quite similar to rheumatoid arthritis. It is also considered a chronic inflammatory skin disease and other then this there are no clearly identified causes of this disorder. Its occurrences are quite episodic as sometimes the skin becomes totally clear and one feels there was no sign of t..
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What is Vitiligo? White, irregular patches all over the skin? It is vitiligo! You’re here to find out what it is? Here is the right information for you. It is a skin disorder which is also known as Leucoderma and is usually identified by irregular white patches on the skin. A patient suffering from vitiligo loses skin’s original color and causes major skin discoloration. It is a medical disorder which has more social repercussions than medicinal alone. People with darker skin tones are the most affected individuals as these patches get highly apparent on their skin. People suffering from vitiligo quite often disconnect their social life due to social embarrassment. They stop going to social gatherings which further causes stress and other psychological problems. What really happens in vitiligo? What happens in vitiligo is that the skin loses its natural brown color due to melanocytes not producing enough pigment responsible for making the brown color of your ..
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