Privacy Policy

The content of www.super care has been secured by all the relevant copyright laws. All brand, product, services and trademark names have been listed and approved by applicable departments. We completely understand your concerns regarding privacy therefore please review our privacy policy before placing your order and before even navigating the site further. Our privacy policy will satisfy your confusions and fears regarding confidentiality.
We at take care of all the personal details provided to us by the customers at the time of placing the order.
The online order form that a customer fills in order to have the product delivered to the desired destination is secured with high-end software in order to avoid any theft of the customer’s personal information.
While placing the order here at our website all your personal information is in safe hands where it is used once by our staff for delivering the product to you and locked safely till further required.
Your internet protocol address, internet service provider, operating system or any such information that comes onto us while you’re placing the order online is not misused and is handled by the professional technical staff.
No information is handed over to any third party without prior approval of the customer.
We have a direct link with all the order tracking companies which have been signed and authorized at higher levels because we trust them completely with our customer’s personal information therefore, all the legal documentation has been done.
If you feel any suspicious activity is taking place on the delivery end please inform us immediately on our helpline so that we can take care of it to avoid any major hassle for our dear customers.
Kindly do not reveal your personal passwords and order tracking IDs to any third parties. Your order ID is only required by us when you confirm the shipment status by calling our helpline or at the time of refund.
Please make sure that you do not give your personal information including address, name, ID card number, national security number or any other details that have been required while filling the online order form to any third party calling you up or e-mailing you. We only need all this information just once at the time of you receiving product order. THAT’S IT!
You can safely navigate on our site without any fears of your computer or any information contained in it being hacked.
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